posh platters Ideal for any type of get together: Tea's, parties, book club, funerals, corporate functions.
All platters contain 30 items and all pastries are made in our kitchen.
Knifes and spoons are provided where needed.
You just have to pick up and put down. 1) Vegetarian Pastry Platter: Spanakopitas and caramelized onion and feta tarts.
2) Vegetarian Quiche Platter: A combination of vegetable mini quiches in homemade pastry.
3) Vegan Crudite Platter: Freshly cut veggies with a basil and olive dip.
4) Cheese Platter: 3 Cheeses served with biscuits, jam, olives and fruit.
5) Sandwich Platter: 15 Mini bagels filled with salmon, cream cheese and rocket. 15 Mini bagels filled with tomato, pesto and mozzarela. 6) Meat pastry Platter: Chicken pies and sausage rolls in a cream cheese pastry.
7) Muffin and Scone Platter: Buttered bran muffins and scones, served with cheese, jam and cream.
8) Chocolate Sweet Platter: Pecan brownies and crème patisserie filled profiterols, dipped in chocolate.
9) Sweet Platter: Mini lemon meringues and mini baked cheesecakes.

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