Cupcakes and Brownies Scrumptious, soft, fluffy, beautiful. Enough said...our cupcakes are good! Standard cupcakes are in black cupcake holders, but can also be done in silver or gold to suit your function. Ordering:
Please give 2 working days notice for Cupcakes and 5 working days for large orders.
The cupcakes come in boxes of 6. Extra's:
Gold or silver cupcake holders-R1ea Cupcakes:
Classic Vanilla
Double choc
Red Velvet
Carrot pecan cranberry Themed Cupcakes:
Cupcakes can be decorated for specific occasions -R22 each
Numbers Brownies:
Need we say more! Brownies serve 25 per batch –R200
Golden Brownies
Smartie Brownies
Pecan Brownies
Cappuccino pecan brownies

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